i've been thinking about this a lot lately. And not to get all political, but i think the same can be said for right-wing politics, or anything else that's built around fear and blind devotion (i'll try to be charitable and say that neither religion or conservative politics HAS to be centered on those things, but even… » 4/17/14 9:11am 4/17/14 9:11am

You see that font in the credits for Guardians of the Galaxy?? Looks like the logo for an 80s era SW-style space-opera / adventure. Just one more TINY little shout out to the people who give a shit.

IM3 and Dark World didn't do much for me, but w/ this and Winter Soldier, Marvel is so on their A game that they may just… » 4/17/14 9:03am 4/17/14 9:03am

REALLY curious about this: Perrotta is one of my favorite authors and having a magical-realist pseudo-genre element in the book was a pretty big departure for him. I hope they're not trying to make it some sort of Walking Dead thing, 'cause that's not what the book was... » 4/14/14 12:49pm 4/14/14 12:49pm

Hi, I'm Ted - I'm 42 year old in Denver, Co. w/ two kids and two step kids (paired off Brady Bunch-style, gender and age-wise) I used to do some freelance writing but DAMN has that dried up in the last couple of years... so i'm mostly just an office drone - i sometimes go an entire week w/out talking to my co-workers,… » 4/14/14 12:30pm 4/14/14 12:30pm

My single biggest issue w/ this is - just like Robocop - the story is pretty archetypal. How many stories are there in science fiction media about a regular guy who gets turned into a cyborg? Or a super-secret agency that prevents people from using time travel for nefarious purposes. When Looper came out, I don't… » 4/10/14 10:31am 4/10/14 10:31am

here is my biggest HOPE w/ the MCU - and i SUSPECT they're smart enough to make it happen...


seriously, DC does it, Spiderman does it - but if Marvel keeps their eyes on the prize, making movies at least as solid as their worst efforts (Iron Man 2 for instance) they'll never have to walk anything back or wipe… » 4/03/14 10:59am 4/03/14 10:59am

eh, i'm always pretty aware that it's Sam Jackson playing "Sam Jackson as Nick Fury". Same w/ Mace Windu. Ewan Mcgregor never bothered me as Obi Wan, since they needed someone w/ the gravitas and chops to play the guy who would become Sir Alec, but i think that having some new faces will go a long way toward making me… » 4/03/14 7:57am 4/03/14 7:57am

i'm pretty internet-stupid, so bear w/ me here: is there some sort of limit on internet real estate that necessitates the "paring down" on comments (for lack of a better term, or understanding on my part) the way kinja does?

i find some of the best comments are below the fold... » 3/13/14 1:54pm 3/13/14 1:54pm

Yes, absolutely there's a Goonies vibe. 1985 was the summer of "kids meet (sci-fi / fantasy element)" and aside from the heavy hitters (Goonies, BTTF) there were a lot of failures (Explorers, My Science Project, Young Sherlock). I agree on the Explorers kids acting ability, WAYY better than the shout and slapstick of… » 3/13/14 9:35am 3/13/14 9:35am