REALLY curious about this: Perrotta is one of my favorite authors and having a magical-realist pseudo-genre element in the book was a pretty big departure for him. I hope they're not trying to make it some sort of Walking Dead thing, 'cause that's not what the book was... » 4/14/14 12:49pm Yesterday 12:49pm

Hi, I'm Ted - I'm 42 year old in Denver, Co. w/ two kids and two step kids (paired off Brady Bunch-style, gender and age-wise) I used to do some freelance writing but DAMN has that dried up in the last couple of years... so i'm mostly just an office drone - i sometimes go an entire week w/out talking to my co-workers,… » 4/14/14 12:30pm Yesterday 12:30pm

My single biggest issue w/ this is - just like Robocop - the story is pretty archetypal. How many stories are there in science fiction media about a regular guy who gets turned into a cyborg? Or a super-secret agency that prevents people from using time travel for nefarious purposes. When Looper came out, I don't… » 4/10/14 10:31am Thursday 10:31am

here is my biggest HOPE w/ the MCU - and i SUSPECT they're smart enough to make it happen...


seriously, DC does it, Spiderman does it - but if Marvel keeps their eyes on the prize, making movies at least as solid as their worst efforts (Iron Man 2 for instance) they'll never have to walk anything back or wipe… » 4/03/14 10:59am 4/03/14 10:59am

eh, i'm always pretty aware that it's Sam Jackson playing "Sam Jackson as Nick Fury". Same w/ Mace Windu. Ewan Mcgregor never bothered me as Obi Wan, since they needed someone w/ the gravitas and chops to play the guy who would become Sir Alec, but i think that having some new faces will go a long way toward making me… » 4/03/14 7:57am 4/03/14 7:57am

i'm pretty internet-stupid, so bear w/ me here: is there some sort of limit on internet real estate that necessitates the "paring down" on comments (for lack of a better term, or understanding on my part) the way kinja does?

i find some of the best comments are below the fold... » 3/13/14 1:54pm 3/13/14 1:54pm

Yes, absolutely there's a Goonies vibe. 1985 was the summer of "kids meet (sci-fi / fantasy element)" and aside from the heavy hitters (Goonies, BTTF) there were a lot of failures (Explorers, My Science Project, Young Sherlock). I agree on the Explorers kids acting ability, WAYY better than the shout and slapstick of… » 3/13/14 9:35am 3/13/14 9:35am

i wish these movies just "did it" for me more - because the one thing that they really do RIGHT is having the characters - and especially Spiderman IN-COSTUME - LIVE, on the streets of NY. Like utilizing a real guy (if a stunt man) hanging off the front of that truck, instead of relying exclusively on him being a… » 3/06/14 8:28am 3/06/14 8:28am